Welcome to my writing blog! My name is Ashley and am 19 years old. I am a freshman in college. There is probably nothing I love more than writing and music. Ok, well, maybe a few things I do-Jesus, my Savior, and my amazing huge family that together really make this life worth the living. There are probably some of you reading this that just lost interest in it, right? Well, hear me out. I know everybody and their brothers seem to say they are Christians and they love Jesus. And sadly, you likely have known some of them that hardly ever show it in their actions. Christians make mistakes just like anyone else (even though we often forget that fact) but that provides no excuse. Sometimes, “Christians” are only that on Sundays or only at church and that is from a failure to understand that following Jesus is a matter of the heart, not the hands or the mouth or anything else. I am a follower of Jesus Christ because He loved me enough to die on the cross and shed His blood to wipe me clean of the stain sin has left. His love is so amazing I still can’t understand it. He saved me from an eternity in Hell and provided a way for me to enter Heaven when I leave this life. When I was 9 years old, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. I realized nothing I could do would take away my sin and make me ready for Heaven. I was helpless and I needed a Savior. It was then that God made it dawn on me that I didn’t have to do anything to save myself because Jesus had already done it all for me at the cross. It has been almost 10 years now and I am still amazed by the fact that the Creator of the universe could love me, a clumsy, mistake-prone sinner, enough to give His life for me. If only you knew the relationship you are missing if you have not accepted Him, I guarantee that you would, even right now. To be faithful, I must tell you,though, Jesus is coming back without a shadow of a doubt. We don’t know when but it seems to be closer every day. On that day, there will be no more chances to accept His offer of salvation. Any who have rejected Him will be left here for a period of time so terrible that we can’t even begin to imagine it. And if you die before that time, your time will be up to accept salvation and cleansing for your sin. Heaven is such a wonderful place. Don’t you want to be there? God doesn’t want anything from you. He doesn’t want money. He doesn’t want promises. He doesn’t want rituals or offerings, even though some want to tell you He wants these things. He only wants you to accept the love of His Son and take His free gift of salvation. That gift will change your life from the inside out. If you have questions or if I have made anything unclear, please email me. I would love to hear from you! And even if you don’t care or have already accepted Christ, I would love to hear your story. Here’s the address: ashley@beyondthesewords.com. Thank you for reading! My poetry and songs have been organized by month in the Archives section on the left of the site. My opinion and devotional thoughts are organized in the Pages section. And I have finally launched a new blog that shares some of my random thoughts on life and purpose. Enjoy!

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whoever believes on Him will not perish but have everlasting life.” -the words of Jesus to Nicodemus, John 3:16 in the Bible


  1. SOLDIER Mark Mettler 91.

    I am a Roman soldier, A Roman proud to be.
    I ran from home some time ago, a soldier just to be.
    I am a Roman soldier, A soldier proud and strong.
    I am the Roman soldier who did the Savior wrong.

    I held the scourge that whipped his back,
    I mocked his name, yes that’s a fact.
    I drove the nails into his hands,
    I laughed at all his tearful fans.
    And at his feet I gambled there,
    for the robe that he did wear.

    Then as I looked up at his tree, I heard from him this gracious plea.


    I sat and thought about his words,
    “Forgive them please” just how absurd.
    I heard those words sound in my mind.
    I know those words were God’s Divine.

    I am a Roman soldier, A Roman yes you see. I am a Roman Soldier, ashamed, I am, to be.

    Each man a Roman Soldier, A Roman yes you see.
    Each man a Roman soldier, A soldier each you be.

    You draw the scourge, you drive the nails, You spit and mock you see,
    each day you sin You laugh at him, A soldier you are to HE.

    You are a Roman Soldier, A Roman yes you see.
    For when you sin against Your Christ, The God of Calvary
    You are a Roman soldier, to Christ, Your God and King.

    Comment by Mark Mettler — February 1, 2009 @ 1:56 PM

  2. Mark, I appreciate your poem. I think the thought behind it should motivate each one of us to please our Savior more, to cease doing anything that would bring him pain. However, you may want to polish your writing style a bit. I understand that rhyming can be difficult but reusing “you see”,changing verb tenses and inserting incorrect pronouns can be distracting from the message you are trying to get out. I appreciate your interest in this website and as I said before, I enjoyed the poem. Thankyou for blessing my day! And please understand that I am only writing these comments to help you become a better writer. Believe me , I need the help sometimes too.

    Comment by Ashley — February 1, 2009 @ 8:09 PM

  3. So glad I have found your site Ashley.I am a writer as well and have been blessed by what I have read here.Keep up the good work young lady.:-)And may God continue to inspire your pen.Blessings~Sharon

    Comment by Sharon Goemaere — April 22, 2009 @ 6:43 PM

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